Maling Road Place Plan

Since September 2019, the Boroondara Council Maling Road Placemaking Project has been underway and CCAG has been an active contributor to this project.

The project is being run in five major stages  as follows;

  •  Stage 1 – Understanding Place – Complete
  • Stage 2 – Imagining Place – Complete
  • Stage 3 – Vision and Priorities – Complete
  • Stage 4 – Place Planning – Plan Released 4 August, further work in progress
  • Stage 5 – Transforming Place – Commenced

Stages one through three are complete and the Place Plan released as part of stage four. Reports arising from these three stages can be found on the Boroondara Council web site and can be accessed via the following links;


Canterbury Community Action Group Input

A copy of the CCAG submission for Vision and Priorities is available here