Maling Road Murals


In early 2018, longstanding Maling Road business owner, Mr Kenn Buckley (IGA Supermarket put forward the idea of a mural on the Bryson Street wall of the IGA in an attempt to:
• To improve the look of the wall
• Create and additional interest within the precinct to possibly attract more interest and
shoppers to the Maling Road.
Kenn initially approached the Chair of the Canterbury Community Action Committee (CCAG) John Constable who on behalf of CCAG was successful in apply for and securing a $5,000 Community Strengthening Grant through the City of Boroondara to help develop what is now known as the Maling Road IGA Mural Project. Community consultation was the key component and condition of the grant.


Activities during 2019

Early in 2019 following a community meeting a sub committee of CCAG was formed to develop a brief based on community ideas that was subsequently used to seek three submissions from established and internationally recognised mural artists for the mural on the IGA building. Estimated cost for this mural being circa $40,000.

As a part of feedback to the community about these proposals it became obvious that there is strong community support for a series of murals to be installed within the environs
of the Maling Road Shopping Centre. The detailed report explores potential options for the mural series which also includes provision for further development of display’s showing Canterbury history.

Current Project Status

Whilst there was an agreed preference for the IGA mural, the sub committee felt that in light of work being undertaken as part of the Boroondara Council’s Maling Road Placemaking Project it would be best to await results of this work. The committee further recommend that a copy of their report be provided to the Boroondara Council and this has been done

Once the “Maling Road Place Vision” is understood, a selection of an appropriate
mural for the Buckley’s IGA Wall will finalised.

A copy of the detailed Mural report can be found here


Copies of the concept’s provided by the artists for the IGA mural can be seen by using the links below;

LUCY LUCY Concept 070819

DVATE Concept 070819