Welcome to the Canterbury Community Action Group [CCAG]

We love Canterbury, with its rich history, the housing – both old and new, the lush gardens and parks, our local meeting places, shops, schools and amenities. Most of all, we love that Canterbury has a strong sense of community.

CCAG is a voluntary group which aims to facilitate communication, liaise and link local people, groups and businesses on a broad range of activities.

Our activities evolve in collaboration with our community.

Recent activities include:

  • Participation in Council’s Maling Road Placemaking, aiming to improve the Maling Road Shopping Centre for community, traders and visitors.
  • Working with Council to identify issues and improvements for pedestrians, bike riders, traffic flow and parking throughout Canterbury.
  •  “Canterbury Stationeers”, establishing and maintaining the murals and gardens at Canterbury Station with regular community working bees.
  • Organising “Clean Up Australia” event each March.
  • Building community support for a series of murals to be installed within the environs of the Maling Road Shopping Centre, including the Bryson Street wall of Buckley’s IGA.
  • Lobbying Council and State Government to improve access to Canterbury Station, station carparking, access to Maling Road and pedestrian safety on Canterbury road.
  • Delivering “3126” magazine for Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre to every household in Canterbury every three months.

You can see more detail about these initiatives on this website.

We are only as strong as our members and supporters and are always keen to engage with a wider cross section of the Canterbury community.

Please contact one of our committee members if you would like to be involved in any of our activities.