Help Improve Pedestrian Safety In Canterbury

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See more by clicking the following link  Canterbury Pedestrian Safety  or for a  more detailed explanation click this link   Canterbury Pedestrian Safety – Detail

Maling Road Place Plan Released

The Maling Load Place Plan was approved by Council on July 27 and a copy of the plan can be seen HERE

Initial works are expected to commence post the current lockdown with restoration to existing bluestone paving in Maling Lane due to commence in late 2020. 

3126  Winter 2020 Edition

The Winter 2020 Edition of 3126 has been published by Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre and will be distributed by CCAG members during August.

You can see a copy HERE

Small Business Energy Efficiency Grant Opportunity

Small businesses can now apply for grants to make their energy use more efficient and to reduce their power bills.

Grants are available to small businesses turning over less than $10 million a year. The grants will support equipment upgrades to reduce energy consumption, monitoring systems to better manage energy use, and energy audits to investigate other opportunities for energy efficient activities.

The grants are offered through the Australian Government’s Energy Efficient Communities Program.

More information is available at Energy Efficient Communities Program and

Applications close 26 August 2020

Canterbury Community Precinct

This project, sponsored by Boroondara Council is adjacent to the Canterbury Gardens and facing Kendal Street on the old bowling club site is due to start construction works late in 2020

Further details  on the project can be found on the Boroondara Council website  on the page  “New Community Precinct in Canterbury”

Maling Road Placemaking

Boroondara Council are to issue their stage 4  report  July/August

Refer to our page on this site for further information