About CCAG

Welcome to the Canterbury Community Action Group (CCAG)

We love Canterbury. We love our history, the housing – both old and new, the lush gardens and parks, our local meeting places, shops, schools and amenities. Most of all, we love what this brings to Canterbury – a strong sense of community.

CCAG is a voluntary group which aims to facilitate communication, liaise and link local groups and businesses on a broad range of activities.

Our activities continue to change to reflect what is required as a community and area. Our support and activities to date have included:

  • Providing communication and feedback to residents, businesses and council in trying to strike a balance in progressing development by balancing this with maintaining our unique heritage
  • Feedback to Council on issues such as graffitti and traffic
  • Assisting local traders with events
  • Beautication of areas around Canterbury such as the Canterbury Station Underpass Mural project
  • Linking community groups such as Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre with local businesses
  • Assisting with working bees and being central to activating a local ‘Clean up Australia’ campaign.

CCAG aims to provide a voice in support of the past, for those who are present – to ensure a future for Canterbury.