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November 2019: Buckleys Mural Concept Designs

Here are the concept designs developed by Heesco, Dvate and Lucy Lucy:

LUCY LUCY Concept 070819

DVATE Concept 070819

HEESCO Concept 151119

And the three concepts are compiled here:

Murals 3 Concepts Poster 261119

What do you think?

Please come and discuss at our MURALS FORUM on:

6.30 pm Tuesday 3 December 2019

At Wilson & Walsh,

129 Maling Road

Please RSVP to for catering purposes.

Please email comments to

May 2019 : Buckleys Mural Design Brief

Here is the design brief developed by the Mural Committee, and circulated to mural artists in seeking concept designs.

IGA Mural Brief 2019 020519

March 24 2019:  Buckleys Mural Meeting 

December 2018: Maling Road Forum 

CCAG hosted a forum at Wilson & Walsh for the community to discuss ideas on the Maling Road Shopping Centre Improvement Plan.

This latest forum continues the ongoing process of community collaboration on ideas for improving Maling Road. See previous posts below.

A number of people from the community spoke and presented. A collation of the overheads presented is available at this link:

Maling Forum Papers 041219

CCAG AGM Held Tuesday 4 December 2018 

Here is the Presidents Report, presented at the AGM. It summarises CCAG’s activities during 2017.

CCAG Presidents Report Final 041218

August to December 2018: Council’s Shopping Centre Improvement 

During the last 12 months, CCAG has canvassed our network about their thoughts & Ideas on Maling Road improvement (see August post below). Attached is a collation of feedback and thoughts – we also distilled a draft “vision”.

Read about it at this link:

Maling Road Shopping Centre Improvement Project – Community Comments Draft 031018

We are aiming to convene a forum for all interested people to meet & discuss on evening of Tuesday 4 December, to which everyone is welcome to attend & contribute ideas & discussion.

August 2018: Council’s Shopping Centre Improvement 

Boroondara Council’s Shopping Centre Improvement Plan is rolling out, and Maling Road is about to enter the Concept Design stage late 2018. We understand Council has a capital allocation for upgrading works during 2019/20.

What do you think? How could Council improve Maling Road Shopping Centre?

Please let us know your ideas & thoughts. We will compile, and submit to the Council officers involved in the Concept Design.

At some point in the future, we expect Council will conduct an official “public consultation”. And you will be able to submit then , too.

We hope that Council will consider links to Canterbury Village Shopping Centre at this stage. Council has advised that Canterbury Village Shopping Centre is to be considered separately in the future.

Some background to help with your thinking. Back in 2013, Council completed an “Issues & Opportunities Plan” for the Maling Road Shopping Centre and Canterbury Village Shopping Centre.

Issues and Opportunities MalingRoad Jan 2013

Issues and Opportunities CanterburyVillage Jan 2013

Gather the friends for CCAG’s Canterbury @Twilight, Saturday 7 April, 2018

Meet your Canterbury Community Action Group members on Saturday 7 April at 4pm – 5.30pm, Theatre Place, Canterbury.

Catch up on what will be happening locally, bring along your ideas and introduce yourself to your neighbours for a relaxed social evening.Music, and light refreshments will be provided by local traders. We look forward to seeing you there.

CCAG AGM Held Tuesday 14 November 2017 

Here is the Presidents Report, presented at the AGM. It summarises CCAG’s activities during 2017.

CCAG Presidents Report Final 141117

Maling Road Auto Classico 

20 August 2017

The Maling Road Traders Association are pleased to announce that the Maling Road Auto Classico is being held on Sunday 20 August 2017. Last year the event was highly successful, with an estimated crowd of 10,000.

The Maling Road Classico is creating a larger section for local entrants. If you are interested in displaying a vehicle please contact Peter Barclay on  0417 338 438.

State Government’s changes to Residential Zones

Planning Presentation by Ben Cooke

6 June 2017 @ Canterbury Neighbourhood Centre

Ben Cooke from Tract Consultants presented a clear and comprehensive insight into the latest Victorian Planning System  2107 updates and what they mean to local residents. For details, check out Ben’s presentation.

Canterbury Community Action Group_June 2017 from Ben Cooke 050617

For further in-depth information on the State Government’s Residential Zones, please refer to:

Significant Trees of Boroondara

It is surprising to learn that Canterbury has only three trees on private property listed as significant.

They are:

  • Weeping Elm (at 115 Mont Albert Road
  • English Elm (at 10 Monomeath Avenue)
  • Bog Oak on the grounds of Strathcona Girls’ School, Prospect Hill Road

Surely we have more significant trees in Canterbury! If you believe you (or a neighbor) have a tree which could be significant, Boroondara Council has recently launched a new streamlined process for the nomination of significant trees as part of their Boroondara Customer First program.

The link to the new form is here:

The main factors for successful nomination are:

  • age and aesthetic significance
  • height, trunk circumference and canopy spread
  • associations to historic events, public figures, ethnic groups
  • its unique location or context
  • how rare it is, or if it has important genetic significance
  • its religious, symbolic or spiritual associations.A tree’s contribution to local biodiversity is also taken into account.

The new form is simple to complete and submit online. Photographs or pictures can be uploaded if wished. If a sketch is submitted to show the tree’s location, it does not need to be to scale.

You are also able to submit applications for local trees on properties in your area even if you are not the owner of the property.  Have a look around your local area for trees which could merit significant status!

If, after Council inspection, your tree is considered of potential significant status, it will be placed on a list for final consideration later in 2017. An independent assessor will consider the trees at one time as it is more efficient to do so. This process only takes place every 2-3 years, so let’s get as many trees as we can up for consideration this year!

If you do make an application, we’d love you to let us know and keep us posted about the progress.

Amanda Rasmussen-Huang
Canterbury Community Action Group – Urban Forest, Parks and Gardens
31 July 2017

Significant Trees of Boorondara New Application Process 2017

2015 Significant Tree List – Private land

Wes Fleming Presentation

Our Urban Green Places – The Real Value of Our Parks, Gardens and Urban Forest.

CCAG was proud to present Wes Fleming at a Twilight Talk at Canterbury Gardens on 7pm, Tuesday 18 March, 2014. Wes Fleming is the leader of the winning team which was awarded ‘Best in Show’ at the Chelsea Flower Show 2013. The event was an informal ‘picnic’ style occasion and there is no charge – just BYO picnic blanket, cushions or fold up chairs!

Urban Forest:  “People see plants, trees and green space as nearly a luxury…whereas in actual fact it’s an intrinsic part of who we are.”  Wes Fleming Article City of Melbourne Urban Forest Strategy:  Urban Forest Strategy

Trees: i-Tree’… i-Tree Tools help communities of all sizes to strengthen their urban forest management and advocacy efforts by quantifying the structure of community trees and the environmental services that trees provide.’ itreetools site